Starbucks Takes Down Its E Commerce Site

Starbucks Takes Down Its E Commerce Site

Retail coffee giant Starbucks, has decided to shut its e commerce site in the United States, hoping to drive more traffic to its stores. The store was taken down since Sunday. Customers who enter would be immediately directed to set up an online account for pick up at a local Starbucks nearest to them for their drink, coffee beans and merchandise orders.

The company has this to say, “We cannot guarantee availability of any product in stores, but we know you will find many choices to enjoy.”

The idea for the move comes from a retail industry shake out as the e commerce sector is rising and brick and mortar retailers are feeling the heat. This also threatens hundreds of shopping malls around the country.

A lot of retailers today are building up their direct selling techniques to its consumers. This is a strategy that is being practiced by brands like Nike, the active wear brand is emphasizing on e commerce while their traditional distribution outlets struggle.

Even with Starbucks’s e commerce page taken down, they are still committed to strengthening its digital bond with its customers amid a “seismic shift” in retail, according to its Chief Executive Kevin Johnson in July. Attempts will include revamping and expending its frequent users reward program and also their smart phone app.

Chief Executive Johnson said, commercial partnerships with third party digital stores would make more sense in some cases.

Worry not Starbucks lovers! The coffee giants products will still be available for purchase on Amazon and other online stores.

Starbucks knows that they are better off focusing on their brick and mortar stores as to running their own online business. For now they are just going to continue their partnerships with other online platforms.


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